Typa Girl Lyrics In English – Blackpink

[Refrain: Rosé, Lisa, Jennie & Jisoo] Typa girl that’ll make you wanna dream (Me) Typa girl that came straight off of the screen (Screen) Typa girl you wanna ice up, make me freeze (Ha, ha) Typa girl you wanna wife up, sign the pre [Verse 1: Jennie] I bring money to the table, not your dinner Both my body … Read more

Tally Lyrics In English – Blackpink

[Chorus: Rosé] I say “fu*k it” when I feel it ‘Cause no one’s keeping tally I do what I want with who I like I ain’t gone conceal it While you talking all that sh!t I’ll be getting mine, getting mine [Verse 1: Lisa] Don’t apologize for my behavior If you’re offended, I don’t care … Read more